This is a comprehensive training program that includes 23 modules covering various aspects of cyber security. We can work with your organization on a cyber security annual training program spread throughout the year as continuous reinforcement and increased awareness of cyber threats to your company.

There are 23 different modules covering a range of training including:

Phishing Defense, Mobile Security, Social Engineering, Social Media Best Practices, Physical Security, Ransomware, Password Management, Email & Instant Messaging SecurityIncident Reporting, Working Remotely, Intro to Insider Threats, Security Awareness Essentials, Phishing Defense Essentials, The Malware Threat, Preventing Malware: Mobile Devices, Privacy & Data Protection, GDPR: How to Comply with the GDPR in the US, Security Awareness for the HomeIoT / Home Security, Protecting Against Malicious Insiders, Cloud Security, Malware Best Practices, Insider Threat: Careless Insider