The deadline is Oct. 9, 2019. Are you in compliance – or will you be?

Your workplace should be free from sexual harassment - sexual harassment prevention training - New York State

The state of New York requires mandatory sexual harassment prevention training for all employers in the state, regardless of size. Even employees based elsewhere must be trained if they spend any time in New York.

VanBo, LLC, handles all aspects of employee training, from enrollment to ongoing progress reports. You can rest easy, knowing you’re in compliance with the new regulations.

The state law, finalized Oct. 1, 2018, requires annual retraining. VanBo will contact you as the annual deadlines approach.

Don’t risk being found non-compliant. VanBo your cyber security and risk management partner, takes the burden off your plate. Contact us today at or (262) 293-4433 to get started.

Courses start at $39.97 and volume discounts can apply.