Dark Web Monitoring

This service is designed for those who have something worth protecting. It is meant for executives and above who have something to protect or whose compromise could damage their brand, their reputation or worse.

Was your identity compromised? What information is out there about you and how do you know?

You quite often have to share intimate information with companies that can compromise you. What if they have been breached and don’t know it yet and your information is out there? Much of the information stolen is not immediately shared but may be shared months from now.

This is why we offer dark web monitoring to protect individuals. If you have been breached or have sensitive information that you share with other organizations, we can help perform dark web monitoring for mention of your organization or employees.

 We use our network of white hat contacts that scour the Dark Web looking for your information in places where most honest folk don’t know how to get to. 

Protect yourself with knowledge today.  Do not rely on others to protect you. 

This is a valuable service for both personal and corporate. We will cover a personal and corporate email for each subscription. To learn more fill out the contact sheet and we will get back to you quickly.